Approach To Coaching

Diane approaches executive coaching as a long-term commitment to resolving issues and nurturing positive change. A typical executive coaching relationship extends over 9-12 months in four phases:


#1. Alignment of Goals: an analysis of where you (and your sponsor) see your needs, where you’re at and where you want to be.


#2 Prep work: introspective work, reflecting on professional and personal dynamics. This information is examined to look for patterns affecting performance.


#3 The Plan of Action: a clear road map for reaching your goals; including some quick wins to build momentum.


#4 Coaching Conversations: weekly meetings, face-to-face or by telephone, that keep you moving toward your goals.


In working with senior executives, Diane identifies the issues, opportunities and default patterns of behaviour that play a major role in performance and success.

With her breadth of experience she can quickly find both the ‘pain spots’ – what’s holding you back – as well as the ‘sweet spots’ – where making changes can propel you to effective action.

Diane’s long-term hands-on approach means she’s in the trenches with your real-time professional pressures while keeping her coach’s eye on your agreed-upon goals and the plan for achieving them. Throughout the process, while supportive, you can expect Diane to hold your feet to the fire.

Diane is known for her success in developing mature, skilled leaders who are strong communicators and relationship builders.

Her past clients report livelier, more open conversations with a focus on innovation and building solutions. This new team culture becomes a draw that attracts and develops talented candidates; thereby providing a marked competitive advantage.